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Are you the type of person who needs to have things written, but you feel awkward and uncomfortable every time you sit in front of a blank screen? Or maybe you've heard people throw around terms like "content marketing" or "blogging" but you're sure that those are tasks that are better left to someone else?

I can help you with that!

I'm a professional writer, editor, and content marketer, and I love to help people and companies tell their stories in clear, compelling, and creative ways.

Content marketing is basically a fancy way of saying "making stuff," or more specifically "making stuff that is helpful to people and answers their questions." There are a few things that make me especially adept at this:

Want to see some examples of my work? Check out the Greenhouse Blog, a resource for making working life better for employers and employees. I also launched and oversaw the AfterCollege Blog and the AfterCollege Employer Blog in my previous role as Content Marketing Manager at AfterCollege. You can find even more of my writing on the "Links" page.

I am a "master level" Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer. What exactly does that mean? I completed advanced coursework and submitted samples of my work to be reviewed by the Copyblogger team. Find more information (and the official listing) here.

Still reading? Awesome!

Get in touch with me to discuss a writing/editing/content marketing/other project that you'd like me to help you with. To do this, just drop me a line at melissa AT melissasuzuno DOT com and I'll get back to you shortly.